About Us

A new Station is born…


 3 Stones TV is Kenya’s first Kikuyu-language digital channel

broadcasting on the free-to-air KBC Signet Digital Platform and on

GO TV, StarTimes and ZUKU subscription platforms.


The station went on air on 2nd November, 2012 with a full line-up of

locally-produced programmes. The programmes are broadcast in

the Gikuyu language, and in English and Kiswahili.



The channel is targeted at the Kikuyu-speaking population based in

the Mt. Kenya region, i.e. Nairobi, Kiambu, Muranga, Nyeri,

Kirinyaga counties, Nakuru and Uasin Gishu Counties and in other

parts of the country.



Broadcast digital television offers many advantages;

 It provides improved picture and surround sound i.e. enhanced






It provides interactive video and data services that were not

possible with analog technology

 It will enable broadcasters offer multiple programming choices

called multicasting, and interactive capabilities. Multicasting will

allow broadcasters to offer several channels of digital programming

at the same time, using the same amount of spectrum required for

one analog program.



 Broadcast digital television will also allow several multi-media

applications such as internet television – live streaming, video on

demand (VoD), paid subscription using a standard http protocol and

mobile platforms. The availability of higher bandwidth and faster

connection speeds as a result of the ongoing installation of the fiber

optic network will mean more Kenyan consumers will have access

to the Internet.


Why 3 Stones TV?

The last 20 years have seen a growing pride in our identity as

Kenyans and a yearning for the re-discovery of our cultural history. Many

Kenyans are concerned about the loss of the vast cultural knowledge

possessed by our forefathers concerning all spheres of life as well as the

continuing erosion of traditional values through the propagation of

western values in both foreign and locally-produced television content.



While acknowledging that culture is dynamic, 3 Stone TV’s

objective is to fill this ‘niche’ by providing the Kenyan television viewer

with a local-language ‘Kenyan History Channel’ - a television channel

that records our rich oral history and vast cultural knowledge as well as

contemporary affairs, in order to inform and to instill dignity and pride in

our rich history and our accomplishments as a people."



3 Stones.tv connects with the viewer; the channel shares

his heritage and speaks his language, it identifies with his hopes and

aspirations and shares his dreams."



3 Stones.tv more than any other television station targeted

at the Mt. Kenya audience, helps brands connect with their consumers."

People behind 3 Stones.tv



3 Stones.tv was founded by Rose Kimotho who founded and run

Kameme FM a local-language radio station, and K24 television before

selling both stations in 2010.



The team includes David Kimotho who is the Marketing Director. David

was previously Operations Director at Kameme FM and K24. The

team also includes young and dynamic Kenyans like “Kihenjo”,


Kenya’s leading Kikuyu comedian